PhD Position in Biochemistry

University of Bern

PhD Position in Biochemistry

Institution: Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences
Start of employment: spring 2024 or as agreed
Employment: up to 4 years

In our laboratory, we aim to understand and replicate one of nature's most amazing mechanisms, the generation of the celluar energy currency ATP by food or light. In this project, the candidate will mimick these processes in a test tube, visualize them under a microscope and aim to develop applications for synthetic biology.

PhD project
In all life forms, biological membranes separate the contents of different compartments. Transport of molecules and communication between these compartments and thus across membranes are vital. These tasks are performed by many membrane proteins, which are the targets of more than 50% of modern drugs, making their molecular mechanism interesting for both basic and applied research.
Our group has extended knowledge on how purifiy and to embed membrane proteins in their active form in lipidic system such as small and giant liposomes. Next to the functional characterization of the proteins, such systems are relevant for bottom-up synthetic biology applications, where natural and artificial components are mixed.

For the current position, we seek a highly motivated PhD student that
  • continues our currents efforts to use giant unilamellar vesicles generated by microfluidics or other methods as model systems for membrane protein investigation
  • establishes a bottom-up experimental system that mimics basic cellular functions, e.g. energy regeneration, pH or ion homeostasis, drug degradation, etc.
The successful candidate holds a master degree in molecular biology/biochemistry/biophysics with a strong interest in these disciplines. The candidate should be interested in applying fluorescence microscopy and image data analysis techniques.
If you like to disassemble things and try to reassemble them and get them running again... that is a good start!
We offer
We offer an exciting and timely scientific project with excellent technical facilities in the heart of the Swiss capital. National and international collaborations guarantee a fruitful exchange with other researchers. We provide a friendly and open working atmosphere with mutual respect, where own ideas can grow.
The estimated PhD project time is 3 to 4 years and the salary (47 - 50 kCHF) is according to the regulation of the Swiss National Science foundation.
Christoph von Ballmoos
Department of Chemistry, Biochemistry and Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Bern, Switzerland
Please send your application, including a short motivation letter about your future work in our laboratory until February 29th, 2024.